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MOLDEC offers high-cycle, stable mass production by exerting the full potential of precision molds and taking advantage of high-end molding machines.

Our injection molding is applicable to a range of materials, from general purpose resins to super engineering plastics. Injection molded parts can be mass produced at a minimum of 0.2 mm pitch and 0.6 mm height.

We will flexibly meet your demand for delivery time for various production types from high-mix, low-volume production to mass output.
Injection molding machine Horizontal molding machine 5- 15ton 28
Horizontal molding machine 20- 120ton  22
Vertical molding machine 20ton   4
MOLDEC performs the mass production of complex and advanced insert-molded pieces with mixed components, such as a combination of precision molded articles and metal parts.

Due to our extensive experience, our insert molded parts have achieved both cost reductions in assembly man-hours in the back-end process and quality stability.

We also accommodate a wide range of needs, such as the use of automated machines, and combining insert molding with hoop molding.
MOLDEC has adopted a real-time monitoring system for horizontal molding machines to achieve further quality improvement.

PQ Manager is package software capable of collecting and analyzing quality/production data on up to 50 injection molding machines via one server. Its applications range from the quality analysis for one molding machine to the group control.
> Nissei Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd. 's「Quality/production control system」
Connection of computers to multiple machines with TACT permits establishment of a group control system that allows
  quality analysis and production control for molding machines.
・Centralized monitoring of our old models, as well as other companies' models, is possible. (Functions  are limited partly.)
・The e-mail transmission function and the monitoring function that permits remote monitoring  through the Web are provided.
・The profile and monitor data analysis function is complete.