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April 1983 Started a mold manufacturing business in Aza-nagura, Tamanoi,
Ohtama-mura,Adachi-gun, Fukushima
June 1983 Established MOLDEC Co., Ltd. Appointed Shinobu Takeuchi as
President & CEO
December 1983 Moved to 322 Aza-nakae, Ohyama, Ohtama-mura, Adachi-gun,
August 1987 Signed a location agreement with the City of Miyako in Iwate
promoting the establishment of new business facilities within the city.
Broke ground on theMIYAKO Factory
Janualy 1988 Started operation at the MIYAKO Factory  
December 1998 Completed a new plant in Aza-higashi, Ohyama, Ohtama-mura,
Adachi-gun, Fukushima and began operation at the Factory
September 2002 Accepted investments from Hakuto Co.,Ltd.i15.9%j, and Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation CO., LTD. (SBIC East Japan)
September 2006 Appointed Nobuyoshi Ninokata as President & CEO
April 2008 Capital reached JPY 584 million
February 2011 Appointed Hiroaki Ohmori as President & CEO
May 2011 Appointed Minoru Ichihashi as President & CEO
September 2012 Hakuto Co.,Ltd. Acquire 100“ ownership of@MOLDEC.